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The Nurse-Client Relationship.

Student’s Name:

Professor’s Name:


What are your concerns or fears about mental health nursing in general?

Mental health nursing is one of the best careers since nurses working in this industry make a difference in society. It provides simulation and offers an avenue for daily interaction with patients and progressive helping of members of society. Nevertheless, there are many challenges nurses, and other caregivers working in mental health facilities face while providing services to the public. Major challenges faced by mental health nurses is the bullying and being beaten by aggressive and mentally challenged patients. Stalking is a major concern in mental health nursing (Alshawish & Nairat, 2020). Psychiatrists and other caregivers in mental facilities are at higher risk of being stalked by aggressive patients. Since psychiatrists spend most of their time talking with mentally challenged patients, patients often confuse professional concerns and help they get from psychiatrists and end up stalking them. Another concern is complaints which may lead to lawsuits due to malpractices and negligence.

Are you interested in mental health nursing, or do you approach the topic with some anxiety?

Yes, I am highly interested in mental nursing since it provides job satisfaction to its staff and allows nurses to help the community. But I also feel that given the numerous challenges faced by nurses working in mental facilities, at some point, I perceive that working in such an environment can be traumatizing, especially when stalked by aggressive patients (Cranage & Foster, 2022).

What do you feel are essential aspects of a good nurse-client relationship?

Essential aspects of a good nurse-client relationship include showing empathy and establishing a rapport as well as trust that facilitates the provision of quality care services. Another aspect is responding to patient health needs with reference to their cultural and religious beliefs, as well as advocating for patient safety needs (Forchuk, 2021).

Please include an example of how you established good rapport and a good professional relationship with a patient in the work or clinical setting. What nonverbal and verbal techniques did you use in this relationship?

An example of the approaches I used to establish a good rapport with patients is by showing empath. By empathizing with patients along with effective communication, it becomes easy to build trust with the patient. One of the best nonverbal and verbal techniques I used was facial expression, use of gestures, as well as maintaining eye contact. This allowed me to listen and carefully respond to patient questions (Forchuk)


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