Dream and Explore

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how to explore

Assignment Content

Dream and Explore
This paper is for you to research and write about another country in which you would like to visit. What is the culture like? What to see? Where do you eat? How can travel benefit us as we learn about the world?

Most students enjoy this exercise. Find a place and make a plan. Dream and make it happen. Think about traveling responsibly as we learned from the Elephant Nature Park in Week One. Please do not ride elephants or contribute to organizations that do not promote humane and natural respect.

*Please use the Writing Center, and use other resources for the best paper possible. Per APA you must have a reference page, cite sources in-text and have a low plagiarism score. Do not use Wikipedia. And only use the diction sparingly. Find credible sources that lend to your message. You must cite sources in-text.

**You will turn in your best work for grading. This is not an exercise in submitting a draft, getting feedback and resubmission. What you turned in will be the final version of your paper that will be edited and as perfect as you can get it. Then, I will grade it and offer feedback to apply to future assignments. Do your best work, edit it repeatedly and use the Writing Center.

Describe what we would see and experience in the country or city or territory today. Some people get into long history and politics and it is not always necessary. What current sites, restaurants, landmarks, etc. would you recommend if I were going say, next week?

Chose three points to write about. This will be the map in your intro. An example, ‘In this paper I will discuss Belize beaches, historical sites and local cuisine.”
Do not into long history or politics. Find current points of interest (yes, some may be historical), places to eat, etc.

· Natural sites to see such as beaches, mountains, etc.

· Historical sites.

· Museums.

· Popular restaurants.

· Cuisine in general.

· Popular sites on tours.

· Local fairs, events, etc.

· Local eateries.

· Wine tasting or other local food and beverages.

· Anything else you find as a cultural experience for the country region, etc.


A note about restrictions
There may be continued restrictions for some areas. Your paper does
not need to outline the restrictions, testing, passport issues, etc., in any way. This paper is for you to enjoy the experience of researching and writing about working in another country and culture from the safety of your own home. Please do write about a different country other than the US or your native country.
**You will not include testing, restrictions, etc.

“Your comfort zone might be a wonderful place, but nothing grows there.” Unknown

· Your paper will be 2 to 4 pages of good writing.

· It will include 3 or more scholarly and credible resources both in-text and on a reference page in APA formatting.

· Your paper will have an introduction, body and conclusion.

· You can write about any country in the world. Where would you like to visit and why?

· Use your research to tell us about the country, it’s people, traditions, etc.

· Do
not use too much time on history or how to get a passport or COVID information.

· Focus on what we can all look forward to seeing when we are visiting this country.

· Include credible sources such as websites from travel and or that country or the US or both. If you use a dictionary meaning be sure to include one additional credible resource to make 3.

· How can travel teach us to be more socially and culturally aware?

· Why is it important to travel and learn about this culture?

· Be sure to use complete sentence structure, APA formatting, good grammar, writing, and resources.


This is an academic based research paper. Be sure to find credible sources, use good writing and APA formatting. If you use the dictionary, do add an additional scholarly or credible source.

Below is a great example to inspire you. Notice how the formatting is so easy to view and the in-text citing.
Make your paper unique with your own individuality.

Com 315 Paper Example UK 10 2022.pdf


An excellent paper will include:

· Title page in APA.

· Develop 2 to 4 pages of good writing.

· Introduction that includes a ‘map’ of the 3 points you will discuss in the body of the paper. An example… “This paper will discuss Scotland, places to visit, why I chose it and it’s importance as a world culture.” So, I just made this up, your ‘map’ will be better.

· Developed paragraphs of 4 to 6 sentences to discuss each of the points in the introduction.

· Transitional phrases from paragraph to paragraph to guide the reader.

· Include 3 scholarly and or credible sources used in-text to back up your points.

· Interesting facts and information.

· What we can learn from travel and traveling to this destination.

· Conclusion to wrap up the points.

· Reference page in APA.

· Have very few grammatical or spelling errors.

· Will be well written with developed points and good content.

· Highly recommended to use the CWE – Writing Center.


Format your paper according to appropriate course-level APA guidelines.


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