Eastern Art

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Cloudy Mountains by Fang Congyi https://www.metmuseum.org/toah/works-of-art/1973.1…

In the FIRST paragraph (at least 150 words):

    • Clearly indicate the type of EASTERN art (e.g. painting, sculpture, song, poem, etc.) and its title (Please use the are I chose located above)
    • Include a hyperlink to the URL of the online version of the work you are discussing in the post.
    • Do
      research by finding and reading at least ONE research source BEYOND THE
      TEXT BOOK concerning your selection and cite the research source.
    • Identify the EASTERN artist (if known) and the year that the art was created.
    • Identify
      the culture and EASTERN religion that influenced this work. Be sure to
      cite specific examples to support your claim by integrating your research on the artist, the work, the culture, and the time period.
    • Discuss the meaning of the art based on your response and research.

In the SECOND paragraph (at least 150 words) based on your research:

    • Evaluate its “craft.” Is this a
      good example of this type of EASTERN art? Is it well presented? What are
      its points of value? Does it have a message?
    • How well does the work represent the intended EASTERN religious theme(s)?
    • How well does the work convey its meaning?
    • In the end, did you have mostly an Apollonian or Dionysian experience?
    • Would you recommend this work of art to others?

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