ece311 week 5 discussion 1 RESPONSE n.l, psychology homework help

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Respond to the post by challenging their ideas for incorporating more play into a young child’s day. Discuss any issues or concerns you see that might make their ideas difficult to implement. Offer suggestions for how your peers can modify their ideas so that they could be more readily implemented. 5 sentences or more.

Play benefits a child gross and fine motor skills when they are engaged in active play. During dramatic play children learn to use their imagination and how to interact with their peers. For example, when children are in the dramatic play area, they learn how to talk to their peers, how to share, how to use their imaginations to create a story to act out, and how to cooperate just to name a few social skills. I like how the video suggested to sing and tell stories to the children. This helps the children to use their imaginations while also learning to memorize those stories and songs. Just by singing a few songs during circle time with fun body movements could help children stretch their bodies and learn new songs. Letting the children choose which songs to sing could give them decision making skills and letting them make up their own body movements would reinforce decision making skills along with creative thinking. Story time could also consist of letting each child contribute a sentence to make up a silly story instead of reading a book. During these times, children could also use their gross motor skills to dance or use hand signs. According to The Role of Play in the Overly-Academic Classroom, young children learn best through constructive play and not with worksheets or a pencil and paper. Children that are 5-6 years old learn best when they are able to construct objects and interact with the world around them. They should be up moving around the classroom and not sitting at a table. There is too much emphasis on early testing, and not enough emphasis on what is developmentally correct for young children. In a classroom that is centered on play there are fewer behavior problems and stress. Test scores actually are higher in classrooms that are centered on play versus teachers teaching with worksheets and lectures.

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