Elders and Memory Loss

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My Topic : Elders and Memory Loss. Thesis statement; The performance of memory reduces with advancing age although the normal age associated memory loss is not uniform.

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I’ve attached the articles that should be used to write this paper, there are ten references. Please write two to three papargrahs for each article, every article should have its own section. No section/paragraph should have more then one article. An Examples:

Healey and Kahana, (2016) Found….

Varvana Myllarniemi, (2015) Found……

Writing/Research Requirement:

One writing/research assignment (research paper) will be required for this course. The research paper guidelines are as follows (we will discuss this at greater length in class):

  • 8-10 pages (this DOES NOT include the title page and reference pages)
  • 8-10 pages MEANS full pages, in fact it is better to begin the next page with an additional line. I will not accept 9, 9 ¾ , etc.
  • 10-12 peer-reviewed journal articles must be used for your research paper
  • You may only use peer-reviewed journal articles as sources.
  • American Sociological Association guidelines ONLY. Any paper turned in with other formatting will be subjected to a failing grade.
  • Failure to turn in this writing assignment will result in an ‘F’ for this course.

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