Elementary Art

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Why Do We Need Male Teachers?
The aim of this document is to provide males with some reasons to consider
becoming a teacher.
 · Children need to be taught by a range of different people, as school is
meant to be a reflection of the world in general. At the moment this is
not happening. A quarter of primary schools in the United Kingdom do
not have a male teacher and the number of males teaching in
secondary schools is dwindling.
 · If pupils are taught mostly by female teachers there is a risk that
young people could associate education with females solely. This could
significantly limit the type of person that stays in school past the
compulsory leaving age.
 · All professions need a gender balanced workforce and this includes
teaching. If pupils don’t come across a gender balanced workforce they
may feel that teaching is only for a specific type of person.
 · Recent studies show that parents want their children to be educated
by both male and female teachers. They would welcome a change in
the current gender imbalance. in about 1500 words discus male teacher roles in Elementary Art class and effect to students

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