Emotional Intelligence in the work place

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The contents of this writing assignment are divided into three sections; students use a template to complete:

Part I: General Information

Part 1 offers background information on the student.
This part contains 5 questions. Questions include name, major, place of employment/position held, whether or not the student had ever heard of emotional intelligence before enrolling in the course and if the answer is yes, provides a space for explaining what he/she thought EI was about prior to being informed through course content weeks 1 – 3. The 5th question offers students the opportunity to share any other information they choose with their learning community (optional.)

Part II: The Science Behind EI/ESI

Students reflect on weeks 2 – 3 course material and explain 2 of the most interesting and/or confounding concepts they have learned during the EI/ESI introductory period. Explain why these concepts were chosen (why they are considered interesting or confounding). Material on which the student is reflecting must be cited.
Students reflect on and share their opinions on their EI/ESI self-assessments they completed week 1.

Part III: Critical Thinking about Emotional and Social Intelligence

After engaging in a web search, students discuss concepts explained in the website; identify whether or not they would recommend the website to their learning community/explain reasoning; link the concepts they are learning about EI/ESI through course material or internet search to the nature of work, organizations or the importance of EI/ESI to individual employees in the workforce. When connecting website contents to work related issues, students must exhibit high level of connection to workplace opportunities and challenges. Students must synthesize website information with their understanding of workplace opportunities/challenges.


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