English Argumentative Essay

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You are encouraged to complete a first draft of the assignment then revise your work all together. Review the Strategy Questions for Organizing Your Argument Essay and then write a 1000- word response. In doing so, consider the Saint Leo University Core Values emphasized in this course, Excellence and Integrity. Incorporate into your discussion of a hero either core value, including your own definition and its relationship to the topic. Absolutely NO PLAGIARISM.Here is the topic: What is a hero? How do others define this concept? How do you define it? Think about some of the characters in the selections such as;The Usual Story by Fred Setterberg and A Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift do they fit a definition of “hero”? Think about real people you have encountered in your life; do any of them fit the definition? How does a hero relate to his or her society? Broaden your understanding of a hero by reading the short from Bodega Dreams and the poem “Crazy Courage” and the essay “The Train from Hate”. Do some library research in order to extend your understanding of the concept of the hero. Now create your own definition. Support your argument with evidence from your library research, personal experience, and specific examples about Individuality and Community by Missy James, Alan P. Merical, Greg Loyd and Jenny Perkins.


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