ERP assignment

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Detailed requirements:

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Please submit your own “Top Ten Rules of EA Planning and BPR” in the written form with a
brief description/explanation and justification
for each rule in the list (approximately one to
two meaningful paragraphs for each rule covered) — You must use each rule as a numbered
subheading before getting into detailed discussion of that specific rule.

When working on this task, review everything we’ve discussed throughout the semester. Think

  •  how you will categorize rules (and heuristics/tactics) and put them in a hierarchy,
  •  conditions for which the rule applies and doesn’t apply and any assumptions you are
  •  how rules are related to each other
  •  how a rule is (or can be) changed through “assumption busting” information technologies
    Then, identify each rule in a numbered subheading, followed by a brief description of what
    it is, and the justification on the validity of a rule through an example. Do not limit yourself
    to the principles/tactics we’ve discussed when identifying BPR solutions.
    Note: Please follow all general assignment policies specified in syllabus, in addition,
  •  Your submission must be formatted using 12 point Times New Roman font, with 1 inch
    margins all around, double spaced, with name, assignment information, and page number
    in the heading area. While a signed honor code is on top of the first page of your submission.
  •  If you are not using the assignment template, make sure to follow the above format
    requirement. At least 20% deduction will be applied for each piece of information that is
  •  Do check your grammar and spelling!
  •  Make sure to use in-text citation for all resources you used, and include a final reference list
    in APA format (make sure to verify the authenticity of your resource especially if online
    resource is used). If you are citing the class PPTs, please indicate the chapter in your
    reference list.
  •  All papers will be submitted through plagiarism software. Policy regarding academic
    dishonesty specified in syllabus will be applied. NO exception.
  •  Work independently. NO collaboration is allowed for this assignment.
  •  NO late submission will be accepted for this assignment. Technical glitch at the last minute
    will not be accepted as an excuse for submitting work late. Submit EARLY! Make sure to
    hit “Submit” button so that the work is actually delivered.
  •  The hard copy must be consistent with the soft copy submitted. At least 20% will be
    deducted for any inconsistency identified.
  •  Be brief

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