essay guide ( outline )

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i will post my final essay in here , you are require to do my paper outline by follow the instruction as below:

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For this assignment, use Argument and Evidence worksheet to help guide you in finding the evidence you need for your final essay. I’d like you to create a document that has your narrow and specific central argument outlined at the top. I would then like you to find at least seven different types of evidence that you can use for this. Look at the types listed on the worksheet and identify first what the type is, state the evidence that you’ll use and where it’s coming from, and then how you plan on responding to it and connecting to your central argument. Submit the document here.


Anecdote. Quote from Atwood when she asked Le Guin about Omelas in Washington Post article: “Neither Ursula K. Le Guin nor I knew, but it was a question that Le Guin spent her lifetime trying to answer, and the worlds she so skillfully created in the attempt are many, varied and entrancing.” Will use this to help distill the purpose of the text and give context to Le Guin as an anarchist.

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