Essay on sexual harassment implementation

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  1. There are several standardized training events in large organizations that are required annually or biannually. One of
    these is often sexual harassment. For this assignment, write a training plan for all employees in your firm to educate and
    develop their awareness of sexual harassment and understanding of legal and organizational policies. Be sure to include
    training aspects of planning, design, implementation, and evaluation.
    This plan should be in narrative form with a minimum requirement of 500 words. Discuss the following guidelines to
    complete your plan.

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    • Planning: Should all employees be trained at once? If not, who should be trained first? What are the anticipated
      outcomes or terminal learning objectives of the training?
    • Design: In what format should the training be given, and why? What modalities will be used for employees on
      multiple shifts or in multiple locations? What are the core elements of the training that will align with the learning
    • Implementation: Who will lead the training, and how will it be implemented? Will you be training for knowledge or
      behavior change? How will you conduct the actual training to account for knowledge and/or behavioral change?
    • Evaluation: How will you know if the training was successful? What measures will you use to know if employees
      1) learned from the training, 2) behaved differently after the training, and 3) the training has a bottom line impact
      to the firm?
      Any sources used, including the textbook, must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have
      accompanying citations in APA format.

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