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Answer one of the following five questions.

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Each answer should be 3-4 pages of text (double-spaced, 12-point type, 1-in margins).

You may title your essay, but do not include a lengthy stacked header with name and course information (the file upload will identify you).

Use of sources must be acknowledged and cited using MLA format. Include a list of “works cited” at the end. The works cited page does not count toward the minimum page count.

Your essay should demonstrate what you have learned in this class, and leverage the information and ideas provided by course materials.

Essays should use formal essay structure, with a clear thesis and well-developed argument. Put your best foot forward: proofread your work, correct typos and errors, and make your writing as clear and effective as it can be.

All work must be your own. Use of sources must be acknowledged and cited using MLA format. Borrowed text without appropriate citation will result in a failing grade. All exams are checked for originality.

Pick one that you are good at!

Let me know which topic that you pick. I will find the class work for you to write.

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