ethical issues in marketing

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For this
exercise, you will need to explore a variety of ethical issues in
marketing. Unlike previous assignments that tie each question to a
specific product/example, each of these questions stand alone as an
ethical topic.

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To receive credit for this exercise, create a new journal entry and answer the following questions:

  1. Visit the Federal Trade Commission website (
    What is the FTC’s current mission? What are the primary areas for which
    the FTC has responsibility? Review the last two months of press
    releases from the FTC. Based on these releases, what appears to be the
    major marketing ethical issues of concern at this time?
  2. Visit the Better Business Bureau website (
    Review the criteria for the BBB Marketplace Torch Awards. What are the
    most important marketing activities necessary for a firm to receive this
  3. Look at several print, broadcast, online, or outdoor
    advertisements and try to find an ad that you believe is questionable
    from an ethical perspective. Briefly describe the ad (or include a copy
    in your answer). Explain why you believe the ad is ethically

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