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The purpose of this assignment is to help you break down the final Individual Portfolio Project into smaller tasks and to obtain instructor feedback for each step.

Additional information to address in the paper includes:

  1. An overview of the client;
  2. A detailed explanation of the investment policy statement based on the unique needs and preferences of the client, including an explanation of the investment and objectives for the portfolio; and
  3. A description of any investment constraints, liquidity needs, and the client’s time horizon (be sure to incorporate knowledge from the course that may include the discussion of: expected standard deviation, risk/reward, downside deviation, present/future value of investment, etc.).

This paper should be a minimum of 500 words and supported with scholarly resources.

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Endowment Scenario

The University of North Carolina Wilmington Endowment

UNCW is a modest-size endowment of approximately $100 million with a significant amount of information available in the public domain.


The long-term annual real return objective is +5.5% (i.e. inflation plus 5.5%), net of covering reasonable and appropriate charges to administer fundraising.


The Endowment update presented to the UNCW Board of Trustees on 10/24/19 can be found here (that and a massive list of other resources can be found at the UNCW Endowment link shared above).


The annual spending policy is 4.5% plus a 1.25%/year endowment administrative fee.


Please review the latest endowment update in the context of the endowment’s spending, real return objectives, and administrate fee constraint. Recommend whether and what changes to the 12/31/19 asset class and allocation targets should be considered. Please include scholarly resources to support your recommendations.




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