Film Review

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Watch one of the following films: A Better Life, Gran Torino, The Namesake, House of Sand and Fog, Maria Full of Grace, Gangs of New York, Real Women Have Curves, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, My Family, The Joy Luck Club, Far and Away, Avalon, My Girl Tisa, I Remember Mama, Mississippi Masala, or El Norte. (Many of these films are available at the Corgan Library.) I encourage you to watch a film you have not viewed before.

Write a three-page paper summarizing the film (in no more than 1.5 pages) and then analyzing the film’s connection to the ideas we have discussed in Immigrant Fictions. You should focus primarily on the themes of the film: what message does it present about immigrants, assimilation, and life in the United States? You may also discuss such issues as protagonist vs. antagonist, narration, setting, irony, etc.

Additional Requirements:

– Your name and page numbers at the top of each page in the header position

– The pages stapled together

– A creative and informative title

– Proper use of grammar and punctuation

– No larger than a 12 point font

– An introduction and conclusion

– Direct quotations from the text should be enclosed in quotation marks and following by parentheses containing the author’s last name and the page number from which the quotation is taken. “Here is an example” (Field 1). (Notice that the period comes after the parentheses.)

– Absolutely no plagiarism! Any instance of plagiarism will result in no credit granted for this paper.

– All sources other than the film itself should be cited parenthetically and in a bibliography.

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