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Part1 Racism in America

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movie “13th”

1) The idea that “racism is prejudice plus power” has been debated for several years. Describe what is meant by this phrase, and discuss how this concept is confirmed (or not) in “13th”.

Requirement: minimum of two independently researched authoritative references within your response to this prompt.

2) a) After watching “13th”, discuss why the history of racism included in the film. Within your discussion, include an account of how and why the 13th Amendment of the US Constitution came about, as well as what it establishes.

b) Define the word “rehumanize” and discuss how it applies to “13th”. (An interviewee uses the term near the end of the film, but of course, the dehumanization that led to the need for rehumanization is shown throughout the film.

part 2 Feminism

Film: “Miss Representation”

1a) Write a review of “Miss Representation”, then a written discussion of the following:
Watch Ms. Chimamamanda Ngozi Adichie’s* Ted Talk and then discuss whether her notion of gender and humanity, in theory, could resolve the issue of how women are portrayed in mainstream media as that issue is presented in “Miss Representation” (and if so, how)?

*Adichie’s Ted Talk:…

1b) News media was once ostensibly more of a service to the public, with the objective of keeping people informed about important issues. Nowadays, much of mainstream news media is designed to create fans out of viewers. One of the ways many networks do this is to require their women anchors, commentators, and reporters to have a certain look, clothing, make-up, etc. Site specific mention of this in the documentary and discuss your feelings about these objectives for women’s looks in mainstream news media. Also discuss how this demand for a certain look on the part of networks plays into the profit maximization aspect of modern media.

Part 3

Watch “Farmingville”, write a review of the film, and include a discussion about specific segments in the film that show the level of prejudice to which the day laborers were exposed (exclusive of the obvious, i.e., the attempted murder of two of the day laborers).

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