finish reading and writing and respond to other’s work

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Look at the four “myths” in the Mantsios article, pp. 379-80:

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  1. “We are a middle class nation…”
  2. “Class doesn’t really matter in the United States…”
  3. “We live in a land of upward mobility…”
  4. “Everyone has an equal chance to succeed…”

(Be sure to look at the book, as they are explained in more detail there.)

Pick one of these “myths.”

Using specific evidence from the Mantsios article as well as the Aja et al. article, explain why the reality of class in America is more complicated than the myth would have you believe.

Write your answer in 1-2 healthy paragraphs.

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Once you have entered your own answer, respond to two other posts. Validate what you find interesting about what they say, then add something to their response. What can you say more about? What do you have a different opinion on? Remember to be respectful.

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