( genetics) find 1 article and type 1 page and do a power point presentation Article needs to be 2016 or newer)

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Genetics For Non Majors – Spring 2018

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Extra Credit Assignment and Guidelines

You must study the article and type a one page summary that you’ll present

during our last week of class.

Your paper must be typed in (12 font) and single spaced.

Print out the summary, staple it to the article you are reviewing and turn

them in after you present.

Your presentation should be no longer than 5 minutes.

The article you pick must be not older than 2016.

You must let me know before Friday April 27th if you plan to present.

This extra credit assignment gives you freedom to read about anything you

want as long as it’s related to GENETICS! Let me review the article first if

there is any doubt about whether it is acceptable.


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