give a feedback.

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Read through the entire paper without leaving any comments.

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Then, return to the position paper and create at least 3 describe-evaluate-suggest comments per page that address some of the following questions:

  • What is the writer’s stance? How effective is this communicative stance?
  • Do you feel the introduction is accessible, purposeful, and attention-getting?
  • How well is the writer using a “Pyramid Structure” in which all the pieces support the position statement?
  • How balanced is the pyramidal structure? Does an area of support seem lopsided?
  • How well do paragraphs synthesize secondary research? How evident is it to you that the writer has revised the paper for synthesis?
  • Are there any sections you feel are underdeveloped? How could the writer expand upon these sections?
  • How effective is the paper’s conclusion in moving beyond summary?
  • Are the writer’s in-text citations correct?
  • Is the Works Cited, Reference Page, or Bibliography Page correctly punctuated (formatting, including italics and indentation, will not transfer to Eli Review)?

Minimum: 18 Contextual Comments + 1 Final Comment

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