Google’s Evolving Pay Strategy

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  • What is Google’s pay level? How do you define and measure its pay level? How is it captured by salary alone?
  • Does
    your answer to the above question depend on what point in time is it
    answered? For example, what is Google’s pay level the day before it
    re-priced employee stock options? What was Google’s pay level the day
    after it re-priced employee stock options? And how?
  • Why did
    Google re-price its stock options and also give a 10 percent salary
    increase (in an era when 2 to 3 percent annual salary increase budgets
    are the norm)? Is it because its business strategy and/or product life
    cycle changed? Is it because it was concerned that employees’ perceived
    value of compensation did not match what Google was spending?
  • Do
    you think Google has made the right choices in changing its
    compensation strategy? How much do these changes cost? How do theses
    costs compare to Google’s total costs and operating income? Are these
    increased compensation costs likely to be a good investment? In other
    words, will they pay for themselves (and more)? Explain.
  • Will
    Google’s pay strategy work “forever”? Consider the evolution of
    Microsoft’s pay strategy as its growth slackened. Should Google prepare
    for a similar future? If so, when and what sort of actions should they
    take to prepare?

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