GOV 2306 Assignment

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This is a response and an opinion piece. And you may have to go beyond the text for answers.
In light of the Las Vegas shootings (the worst mass shooting in US history). What is your
opinion on gun ownership in the United States? In 250 to 300 words (approximately 1 page,
typed, double spaced), answer the following questions (all questions must be answered for
1. What section of the US Constitution guarantees the right to gun ownership?
2. As a part of our federalist system, the US Constitution offers the right to own guns.
However, most laws related to gun ownership in the US fall on the individual states to
determine. Do you agree with a state’s right to determine gun laws?
3. Is it possible to own a tank in the US?
4. Should we outlaw gun ownership in the US as has been done in other countries like the
United Kingdom of Great Britain?
You must use complete sentences. Bullet point presentations are not acceptable. Submit this as
a Word document as an attachment to Course Messages.

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