Graduate School Personal Statement

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Applicants must answer the following questions within 3-6 pages. Please use headings for each question.

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  1. Without disclosing personal information, what are the reasons
    and experiences that led you to choose social work as a profession? I’ve always liked helping people.
  2. What are your social work career interests? I currently work at a high school so I’d like to stay in the school system.
  3. What are your personal
    strengths that you can bring to this profession? How have these strengths been
    demonstrated in the past?
  4. Where do you see yourself 10 years from now
    in the field of social work? Working for the school system.
  5. What major social issue do you think that
    professional social workers should be concerned with? What is the role of
    social work in relation to this issue?
  6. As a social worker, you will be
    expected to practice ethically according to the National Association of Social
    Workers (NASW) Code of Ethics This
    includes working with diverse populations and clients whose values and beliefs
    may differ from your own. How you will incorporate and uphold the NASW Code of
    Ethics into your work with diverse populations?
  7. The MSW program
    requires students to complete a generalist (400 hours) internship and a
    clinical (600 hours) internship concurrent with their coursework. Evening
    (after 5 p.m.) and weekend placements are extremely limited. The School of
    Social Work is under no obligation to provide such placements. Given the above
    considerations, please tell us how you plan to balance your internship hours
    with your coursework and personal obligations. Tell us about any challenges you
    may have and how you plan to overcome them.

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