Grammar Question

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I have a midterm in the following material which is subject verb ageement and the vocabulary list below

my quiz will start at 7:35 (GMT) and the finishing time is 8:15 (GMT)

vocabulary list:-

1. ALLURE (v.): To tempt by flattery or an attractive offer

She was allured by the prospect of a new job.

Synonyms: lure, decoy, con, entice, seduce, wheedle, beguile, cajole

Antonym: repel, keep away

2. BLEMISH (verb): To scar, stain, flaw, mark or spoil – Bad associates blemished his character

(noun): A disfigurement, defect – a character without a blemish.

3. CHRONIC (adj.): Continuing a long time; habitual

The villagers had a chronic complaint, persisting for years.

Synonyms: persistent, continuous, incurable, ceaseless, unvarying

Antonyms: alternating, sporadic, periodic, infrequent

4. DELECTABLE (adj.): Very pleasing

Yesterday we had a delectable meal, tastefully prepared.

5. EDIFY (v.): To instruct, educate or uplift, particularly in morals or religion

I enjoyed the story because it edifies the reader, as well as entertains him

6. FALLACIOUS (adj.) (noun: FALLACY): Unsound; misleading; deceptive.

The old woman was led astray by fallacious reasoning and plans.

7. GESTICULATE (v.): To make gestures, or indicate feelings by motions.

Peter gesticulated wildly to show his distress.

8. HARANGUE (verb): To deliver a long, noisy speech- harangued the multitude.

Synonyms: lecture, sermonize, address, criticize

(noun): A loud, tiresome speech

He gave an empty harangue which bored his audience.

9. IMMACULATE (adj.): Spotless; pure

Grandmother had an immaculate reputation.

Synonyms: undefiled, unsullied, unblemished, untarnished, flawless

Antonyms: defiled, sullied, blemished, messy

10. JAUNTY (adj.): Having an air of easy carelessness, cheerfulness or liveliness

She walked with a jaunty step.

Synonyms: sprightly, airy, gay, nonchalant, charming

Antonyms: somber, grave, dull

11. LACONIC (adj.): Saying much in few words

The philosopher gave a laconic reply that spoke volumes.

Synonyms: concise, terse, brief, short, economical

Antonyms: verbose, wordy, talkative, prolix, redundant, diffuse

12. MASQUERADE (verb): To assume a deceptive appearance or character.

He was really a thief, masquerading as an honest man.

Synonyms: dissemble, cover up or impersonate

(noun): A disguise; a group of people in disguise or fancy costumes.

His masquerade is so perfect that no one could guess his identity.

13. NETTLE (v.): To irritate or provoke – The actor was nettled by critics.

Synonyms: vex, displease, annoy, goad, provoke

14. OBLIVIOUS (adj.) (noun: OBLIVION): Forgetful; absent-minded

Terry was walking oblivious of his surroundings.

Synonyms: unmindful, heedless, abstracted

15. PARADOX (n.): A self -contradictory statement;

something that appears to be absurd and yet may be true

“Life is too important a matter to be taken seriously.” – a paradox by Oscar Wilde.

Synonym: anomaly, difference, variance, inconsistency

16. QUERULOUS (adj.): Given to fault-finding and complaining

Her querulous nature estranged many people.

Synonyms: fretful, nervous, captious, agitated

Antonym: affable

17. RECAPITULATE (v.): To restate in a brief, concise form; to sum up

At the end of the lecture, the professor recapitulated the main ideas.

Synonyms: summarize, review, recap

18. SAGACIOUS (adj.) (noun: SAGACITY): Wise; shrewd

The old man proved to be sagacious in his judgment.

Synonyms: wise, astute, insightful, astute, perceptive

19. TAUNT (verb): To reproach with contempt

They taunted him with the charge of failure to act promptly.

Synonyms: mock, twit, tease, sneer, disparage

(noun): An insulting, mocking, or bitter remark – He hurled taunts at his foes.

20. ZENITH (n.): The highest point, peak, summit

He reached the zenith of his career.

Synonyms: apex, culmination

Antonym: nadir, lowest point, depths, pits

21. AMBIGUOUS (adj.): Uncertain, vague, unclear in more than one way.

The students were puzzled by the ambiguous statement.

Synonyms: hazy, incomprehensible, evasive, questioning.

Antonyms: explicit, unquestionable, absolute, clear, precise

22. BLIGHT (v.): To ruin, decay, disfigure or impair

The rotting wheat was blighted by incessant rain.

Synonyms: wither, blast, rotten

23. CIRCUMSPECT (adj.): Cautious

The thief looked about him circumspectly.

Synonyms: prudent, discreet, wary, careful

Antonyms: rash, indiscreet, reckless, foolhard

24. DELINEATE (v.): To sketch, portray, define or outline

The striking features of the old man were delineated by a master artist.

25. ELICIT (v.): To draw out or extract

After hours of acting, he elicited no response from the audience.

Synonyms: evoke, extract, extort

26. FALLIBLE (adj.): Liable to make mistakes or be deceived – imperfect, weak or frail.

Being human, Tom was naturally fallible.

Antonyms: infallible, unerring

27. GHASTLY (adj.): Horrible, deathlike

It was a ghastly disaster which shocked the world.

Synonyms: gruesome, horrible, pallid, atrocious, hideous,

28. HARBINGER (n.): A forerunner

The robin is a harbinger of spring.

Synonyms: indication, herald

29. IMMINENT (adj.): Likely to occur soon

They stood in imminent peril.

Synonym: impending, forthcoming

30. JEOPARDY (n.): Danger

His life was in jeopardy.

Synonyms: hazard, peril

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