HCS465 Discussion

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1. There is an important element to look at as you move through your week to week assignments here, that is the Statistics involved in your research. When thinking about the questions you want to pose in your research it is a good idea to avoid questions that are biased, that assume an answer, those that contain a question within a question, questions that are not relevant to your topic or study, and/or questions that are unclear or confusing. Try to keep your questions in a logical sequence, and keep them clear and focused. Goals of research are not only limited to seeking knowledge and answers as you mentioned, but also to ensure that the method of the research you are conducting is structured and organized. It is important to be focused on the scope of the research you intend to carry out. One of the most important points of research is to find answers, even if they are not the answers we anticipated or wanted. In order to find these answers, we need to ask questions, the trick is in asking the right questions. Discuss you thoughts.100-150 words

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2.Identify a current research study that was completed/published in 2017. How do you feel an administrator could be of assistance in that study? 100-150 words


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