Health care payment system presentation

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Provide an Introduction Slide (purpose of your presentation) – Slide 2

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Identify an aspect in the healthcare payment system – Slide 3, 4, 5

Provide an overview of criteria (of selected payment system) and parameters for implementation – slide 6, 7, 8, 9

Identify the impact on nursing practice – slide 10, 11, 12, 13

Summary – Provide a brief summary of all main points you presented – Slide 14

References – Slide 15 (include at least 4 references, you may use your textbook as one reference)


Introduce the purpose of your presentation ( aspect of healthcare payment system you selected

You may add pictures/graphics – be creative!

Identify an Aspect in the Healthcare Payment System

Provide an overview of your selected healthcare payment system and how it relates to your work environment (ex: hospital, long term care facility, ambulatory care, etc.)

Describe how your selected healthcare payment system is implemented in your work environment (ex: value-based payments in a hospital)

TOPIC (overview of selected healthcare payment system)



How does the payment system align with the vision/mission of the organization?

Does the payment system meet community needs?

What types of communities/population does the payment system serve?

What resources does the organization need to support this payment system?

Parameters for Implementation

What does the organization need to implement this payment system?

Priorities (what are the priorities of your workplace?)

Budget (does your organization have the financial means to support it?)

Staff (does it have the staff/what type of staff to support it?)

Healthcare integration (does the organization need partnerships)

Buy-in from stakeholders (list examples: who are the stakeholders)

Impact on Nursing

Describe how your selected healthcare payment system impacts nursing (example: salaries, cost of nursing, staffing shortages, etc.)


Provide a brief summary of all your main points and impact on nursing practice.


All references must be alphabetized and in APA (7th ed.) format.

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