Health Informatics, healthcare mgmt

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Research scholarly journals or the Internet for devices that would match the requirements as follows:
1. Provides a monitor of blood glucose levels, without human (nursing) intervention at regular intervals.
2. Records and stores the measured levels.
3. Has the ability of exporting the data (interface software may be needed) into other systems, like the patient’s electronic health record.
1. Provide a list of the products that were considered (list at least 3).
2. Give a summary of how each of the products function.
3. Describe the key differences that separate each of the product reviewed (you may find it easier to accomplish this in a table).
4. Describe the system you would present to the Healthcare administration for adoption.
5. Estimate the costs of purchase, or rental or software and any needed hardware
a. Assume network infrastructure is adequate to support bandwidth requirements.
b. Assume data center has space and facilities if a new server is required.
6. Estimate the costs of the first-year support.
Create a MS-Word document with your results. Format your document in the APA standard, including a TITLE page, and Abstract with Keywords. The last page should be your references or bibliography. Remember to insert citations where appropriate.
You can use

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