Healthcare Informatics System Planning

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Research the HIT systems life cycle.

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Select one broad category of healthcare technology, such as EHR database, and describe the process of selecting a new product.

Write a 525- to 700-word paper based on your research that includes the following:

  • The broad category of HIT chosen
  • The four phases of the HIT systems life cycle and the activities that would be performed in each phase
    • Include a life cycle diagram of each phase.
  • Key elements to be included in a needs assessment and the effects with other systems that may already be in use at the agency
  • Key members of the steering committee and why they are important
  • A strategy for selection of a product
    • Include general components of the information system to be evaluated.
  • Potential training needs of your end users

Research a minimum of three peer-reviewed sources to support your findings.

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