Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Self-Evaluation of Life. It needs to be at least 500 words.

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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Self-Evaluation of Life. It needs to be at least 500 words. Self Reflection In the context of this paper, reflection is going to be used to define the act of self-evaluation with respect to the things in one’s life that represent or have a significant bearing in their life. There are people in the societies and communities that we live in, who represent to us something we individually aspire or desire. The impact that these individuals have in a persons’ life are dependent on how they interact with those that they have the greatest influence and impact. Other features apart from people can also exert this influence and an example includes the environment that surrounds the society.

The society that I come from places a lot of importance on religion, honour and obedience to the teachings of religion. I live in a society that is characterized by diversity in all aspects of life from religion to cultural and traditional practices. This created a conflict of interest on my part because I wanted to maintain the integrity of my beliefs, and at the same time adapt and thrive in this dynamic new world (Casino, 58). There were significant forces that had an influence on my life, and in retrospect, there were some that were positive while others were negative. It is during this initial transitional period that I was faced with the possibility of losing direction in life when I met a fellow fellow citizen. He had experienced the same predicament I was presently facing, and when he identified with my situation, he endeavoured to help me cope with the situation. He introduced me to other people who had gone through the same experience of identity conflict. Through sharing about our experiences in the past and present with each other, I was able to feel better about myself and better equipped to deal with cultural shock. I am eternally thankful to this person for helping me preserve my sense of identity and beliefs of my heritage.

There are things in one’s life that hold meaning, in the sense that they represent, to them core elements that are part of self and their identity. I come from a society that has excellent pride in the breed of horses that are bred and reared, by the people. The region that I presently live in also has excellent pride in their hunting traditional, which they practice for fun and as a unifying event for its people. This hunting tradition relies on horses, which are mostly imported from my native land because of their unique and high quality pedigree. Every time I see these horses, I am filled with pride for my home country in achieving this distinguishing fete of producing world class horse breeds. This reminds me of my duty and obligation to my country, which requires me to excel in my present task so that I can be able to contribute in furthering my countries’ interests. Family is highly significance Fato me because they represent my origin and purpose in life. I have photographs of all my family members, which helps remind me that it is my duty to protect and serve them, to the best of my ability. The geographical features of the region I live in are resplendent with mountainous terrain just like my native country. I love going for hikes in the surrounding mountains and hills which reminds me of my country and the deep sense of belonging that I harbour for that country. It is good to have people and features around an individual that help put into focus what is significance in their lives (Casino, 185).

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