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As you know, our world is
heavily dependent on oil. In Chapter 6 (attached) of Contemporary Environmental
Issues, you have read that there is concern about the possibility of reaching a
peak in oil production, while Chapter 8 (attached) of Contemporary Environmental Issues introduces
a variety of possible alternative energy sources. Based on the concern that we
may be running out of oil, describe at least two renewable alternatives
to oil that are currently available and discuss the barriers that keep these
alternatives from replacing oil as our primary means of energy. Do not discuss
other fossil fuels or nuclear energy, which are all nonrenewable sources.
Additionally, discuss the role that government plays in ensuring a transition
to these renewable alternatives in a post peak-oil world.

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Your initial post should
be at least 250 words in length. Utilize two scholarly or reputable resources
and your textbook to support your claims (a total of 3 sources). Cite your
sources in APA format. Quoted text should constitute no more than ten percent
of your post.

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