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part 1:

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You learned about two motivation theories – expectancy value theory and self-determination theory. Discuss three ways in which each of these theories (making a total of 6 ways) would explain the success of the three schools shown in Dr. Duncan’s videos (and associated transcripts) presented during week 8.

Part 2:

How has racial segregation and growing economic inequality contributed to inequalities in educational conditions and outcomes? Cite research and scholarship covered in class from at least three of the four disciplines (i.e., economics, history, psychology, sociology) in your response.

Part 3 :

Faculty in their classes often struggle to engage all students fully. Write a memo to Professors Arum, Duncan, Eccles and Malczewski that provides research-based insights into why some students might not be fully engaged in the class and how the class could be redesigned to address these challenges. In your response, explicitly draw on and reference scholarship covered in class from at least three of the four disciplines.

it should be 3 pages for each part

All the materials will be upload when you choose to do this writing assignment.

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