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Write two clearly-organized, well-develop essay addressing the following prompts:

1. George, Sam, and Rameck have been friends since 9th grade. Why has their friendship been so successful? Choose 2 reasons and give examples from the book to illustrate.

2.In The Pact, the authors provide the readers with many “life lessons,” about overcoming in the face of obstacles, succeeding and working towards one’s dreams. Choose two of the most important lessons readers get from The Pact. Explain each lesson and illustrate it with example from the book and clear analysis.


-Briefly summarize the book in your instruction ( including the title and authors’ names)

-Answers the writing prompt clearly and directly in your thesis.

-Write 2 body paragraph to support your thesis

-Use evidence from the book (summary, paraphrase and quotation) to illustrate each of your points.

You have read this book before. And I need less then two double-space pages for each topic, which is easy for you. And I need it by midnight today,,.

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