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Based on the assigned reading, lectures, and videos this week, how would you answer the question: How Was the West Won?

Note, in particular, focus on the region of the western plains highlighted in our Native Landscape lecture and accompanying videos (including the John Gast America’s Progress image, Wounded Knee and Custer’s Last Stand videos, and article on John Wayne). Pay special attention to how white people’s attitudes of “destiny,” glory, and economic gain influenced the government’s policy, including it’s military policy, with the Indians. And take into account, as well, how groups like the Lakota viewed the Anglo migrations.

Main question: How Was the West Won? Follow-up question: In the end, should we frame the story as one of triumph and victory (i.e. “winning” of the West), or is there a better, more accurate way of presenting the history?

Aim your main post to a minimum of 300-400 word range, and reply to ONE of your classmates explaining why you agree/disagree with their analysis. As always, be courteous and pratice good etiquette even when disagreeing with each other. Consult the discussion board scoring rubric under Content to review the grading criteria.

Remember, your DB posts are due by Sunday before midnight. So you will need to complete this assignment within that time frame.


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