Hi, need to submit a 1000 words paper on the topic English people versus American people.

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Hi, need to submit a 1000 words paper on the topic English people versus American people. The United States is made up of many sub cultures and values within sub cultures vary from region to region which is not true in the case of Britain. The British hold a more conservative approach to their lifestyles and a common set of values prevails over the entire country making it and its people less receptive to outsiders and alien ideas. Furthermore, the British also have a more conservative immigration policy for outsiders to come to the country either to visit or settle with the natives of the land. On the contrary, America has shown more flexibility to its naturalization process and immigration is actually supported by the system- making it a land of opportunity for all. Moreover, people in Britain are linked with their heritage and location as where they are from and where their ancestors have been linked to. This creates a strong internal discrimination among themselves and has developed a class system within the country. Anywere starting from linkage to the royalty to the lords of the land, people feel pride in their heritage to an extent where hey actually discriminate their values over others living within the country and not belonging to the same level or maybe higher to their lineage (Denning, 1996).

Equality among people in Britain has suffered where no two classes are treated equally between the circles and this difference is clearly visible when comparing the labour over different industries. A coal miner does not get the same respect as a restaurant waiter. A manager in a big corporation feels and shows his elevated grace to a manager in a small firm. In the contrast, the American system of the society, though may at times be unjust, but is more liberal in the concept of equality (Christopher, 1999). Human Rights are made into laws and discrimination is discouraged by implementing legislations that enact to support equality and discourage gender or race discrimination.


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