Hi, need to submit a 1250 words paper on the topic Non-Violent Crimes Committed by Women.

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Hi, need to submit a 1250 words paper on the topic Non-Violent Crimes Committed by Women. The academic literature in the field of criminology is devoting increasing attention to the factors that cause women to engage in criminal behavior. Some researchers have discovered that the behavioral patterns appear to differ between female and male offenders. Others have observed that alternative research and assessment strategies need to be applied to female offenders to gain a better understanding of deviant behavior in women and to obtain more reliable data on crimes committed by women.

One thing is clear. Trying to discover answers to the very complex issues impacting criminal behavior in women, requires that researchers utilize research methodologies that are reliable and valid. Moreover, universally accepted sampling procedures that allow for generalizations to the population of women offenders as a whole, must be utilized. This paper develops a research model that accomplishes these objectives.

In addressing complex social problems such as the prevalence of crime, researchers often utilize a mixed methodology that involves the application of both quantitative and qualitative models. These hybrid models allow the researcher to utilize multiple approaches in trying to reach the same outcome or conclusion. This is sometimes referred to as triangulation.

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Data on all crimes that are reported in the United States are available through the federal Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS). BJS funds criminal justice statistics centers in each state and the data are available to researchers. The data are coded into the system by type of crime. drug possession or embezzlement, for example. A number of variables are then reported for each category of crime. year, age, gender, race, city or rural, drug or alcohol related and federal or state violation.


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