Hi, need to submit a 500 words paper on the topic Friendship through thick or thin.

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Hi, need to submit a 500 words paper on the topic Friendship through thick or thin. Ragged company Richard Wagamese de s that friends have an understanding in each other depending on their trust, social induction and residence. This paper seeks to identify the unifying factor and the availability of a sense of belonging that makes the four friends to have an understanding in each other, yet they live on the streets. The four friends have been living in the same social set up for an arguably long time. This shows that they have been in the same context and are in an enhanced stage of exchanging their views on the same (Wagamese 24). The author narrows down to explain their predicaments, how people neglect their occurrence and the problems they have to face in the society, since they are a neglected lot in the society. However, their fate is decided upon with them stumbling on a fortune. Since they have a strong bond in their relationship, they gain understanding in each other. They have ample trust in each other and decide to share their fortune.

There are different people in the society with different economic muscles, depending on their social context. These are the rich people and the poor people who live in the same society, referred to as “home,” However, there is a difference between the two kinds of people as they have to live in different parts of the society. The poor people live on the streets and are regarded an invisible by the well-to-do with people. Wagamese states that it is “a truth you carry within yourself.” They are used to the neglect as they do not have the influence in the society (Wagamese, 124). They are forced to live on their own devices, which is a hurdle to their living. However, “their sense of belonging unites” them as friends and family that stays together.

There is a spiritual guidance in the livelihoods of the four characters as they have their own contributions towards their companionship. First, Amelia One Sky is a considerable mother figure in the group, with the responsibilities of controlling the group. He is the in control of the group with “spiritual guidance and a deep reflection” on their needs. He instigated the whole group by joining the outsiders to their circle. Secondly, Amelia joined the outsiders to the group by incepting “Timber, Double Dick and Digger” (Wagamese 234). Their friendship was concreted by the fact that they lived in the same area and had the same experience in their life. In the course of their search for greener pastures, they attend a cinema and are obliged to have a deep adoration to the cinema. This is an instance that the four adopt to “confront social intolerance. “This is a new discovery that sparks their imagination of staying in the new world. In their course of attendance, they interact with different people including a lonely journalist. This shapes their route to change as they are encountering new life.

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In the course of their interaction in the new world, they stumble upon a cigarette packet. Since they have “degrees of connection to their heritage,” they unanimously partake of the packet. This is a fortune to the quadruple as they gather un-smoked cigarettes, three $ 20 bills and a lottery ticket. They decide to wait for their fate in the lottery ticket, which is a fortune in waiting. To their surprise, they discover that they were winners in the lottery and garnered $ 13.5, in favor of the group. “The four characters learn to cope with the life-changing impact of the “gift.” This is a stunning relief as they have relinquished their poverty with the fortune. Through their “profound ethical significance” in communication, they have greater understanding. Their solid friendship is maintained as they have been through thick and thin.

In wrapping up, the quadruple has greater understanding and a greater sense of belonging during their living. Therefore, the lottery is a fate that cements their friendship and livelihood. They decide to live their life at a better stage since they have been living with togetherness during their past. In actual sense, this is an indication that their understanding is at greater heights in living together (Wagamese 311). Since they had been interacting with granite during their escapades to the cinema, they decide to indulge his services. In the end, they are found to live lavishly. In conclusion, the quadruple and the new found friend have a mutual understanding of their predicaments, as they have had the same experience in life. Therefore, finding a solution to all their problems was decided by fete. Therefore, the fortune did not have a negative impact on their friendship, but made it grow stronger.

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Wagamese, Richard. Ragged Company. Vancouver: Doubleday Canada, 2009. Print.


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