Hi, need to submit a 500 words paper on the topic Interfamilial Child Sex Abuse.

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Hi, need to submit a 500 words paper on the topic Interfamilial Child Sex Abuse. The abused child may blame themselves for the abuse and as such may take long to talk to anyone about it. As a result, the abuse may go on for weeks, even months, before anyone knows about the atrocity.

Abuse affects the child’s emotional, psychological, social, and physical aspects of life which include increased risk for depression, poor or lack of self-esteem, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Acquisition of sexually transmitted infections and diseases such as HIV/AIDS and herpes is heightened.

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The risk of engaging in alcohol and drug abuse is increased as well as engagement in criminal activities in adulthood.


There are several steps a parent can take if they suspect a child has been sexually abused. Among those recommended by NCTSN (2009) include:

Avoidance of grilling the child for every detail or asking many questions, as this may overwhelm them. Instead, they should gently ask open-ended questions. at the same time reassuring the child that their secret is safe.

The child should be taken to a pediatric hospital for a check-up of possible damage to the sexual organs. Furthermore, an experienced mental health professional should be contacted to help the child cope with trauma

It is advisable to contact a child protection agency for investigations to be carried out and possible perpetrators reported.


Caregivers and parents should be keen to minimize the risk of child sex abuse. Among the recommended prevention strategies by NCTSN (2009) include:

Teaching the child basic sexual education is important. Alternatively, a health professional could be engaged where the child learns accurate names given to private parts and how to take care of them so as to minimize reliance on older children or adults for help.

Sexual advances from anybody should be discouraged, as well as inappropriate touching. Encouraging them to can make decisions concerning their bodies, for instance saying “no” when they do not want to be touched is important.

Communication is an important part of developing trust with the child. Encouraging the child to ask questions when in doubt about sexual advances makes the child feel protected and is more likely to report any abuse.


Child sex abuse occurs within family settings with a majority of the abused children being unable to report the atrocity, probably due to the trust they had on the perpetrator. Child sex abuse victims suffer adverse effects, including the risk of developing sexual infections as well as mental health problems. Treatment involves taking the child to a hospital for treatment as well as therapy through a mental health facility. Even so, prevention is more favorable and should entail collaborative efforts of children and parents and guardians.


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