​Homework 3

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Homework 3

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350-500 words

  1. Pick your topic for Paper 3 using the paper 3 assignment sheet
  2. Title your paper with an interesting title that you might use for paper 3
  3. Find one of the three critical sources you will be using for your paper (stay away from Gale biography, shmoop, gradesaver cliffnotes etc. these sources will not be accepted ) It is in your best interest to use articles that are the actual research of a given critic and not a review of an article. In other words a good source would be Donald Daiker’s text that we read for paper 2 not a review of that text.
  4. Decide on your two primary texts
  5. Write a short introductory paragraph that introduces your topic (do not quote the writing prompt) and inform your reader the names of the primary texts you will be using, their authors, and the critical source and its authors
  6. Briefly summarize your critical source
  7. Write a paragraph(s) considering how you will use these sources in your paper #3
  8. End your paper by stating what you hope to prove or find
  9. Cite all sources you plan on using in your formal paper in MLA format including intext citations (even if you do not quote from them in your paper please include them in your works cited)
  10. Do not use a source you used for paper 1 or 2 for this exercise
  11. Use of good grammar and spelling is assumed
  12. Include your name, the date, and word count.
  13. I will deduct ½ point per missing word

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