please make just only 1st 3 points according my market plan product would be same but i want that the t

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please make just  only 1, 2, 3 and 5

according my market plan

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product would be same

but i want that the tutor check concerns my professor  have in marketing plan and considering those feedback please make only 1 st 3 points according to market outline because my tesm give me first 3 points to do. market outline is in the link

Forestcraft[TR1]  is a backpack company which manufactures hightech[TR2]  backpacks made of recyclable materials, natural fabrics, foam, buckles, zippers, etc. Mainly[TR3]   we focus on selling multiple types of backpacks which can be used as a fashion statement, school, for grocery and mainly Camping[TR4]  which gives us the name Forestcraft. These backpacks would have features like power backup to charge phones, GPS tracking, digital password lock and many more[TR5] . Our goal is to gradually increase the categories, to satisfy customers’ wishes by providing good quality products to be added on time and mainly to deliver a message and spread awareness to protect environment.


Initially, capital would be contributed by the Co owners and it can also be borrowed from banks and investors. We would adjust the production and inventory held according to the sales and feedback. The proper utilization of assets can keep the business up and running and control, decrease costs, and enhancing the enterprise values.. We could make earnings to our business with the aid of using removing obligations and activities that don’t upload cost to the business enterprise or customer. We utilize maximum of the recycling substances. So each dollar we save with the aid of using removing the value of factors in our companies profit. We can shorten our sale cycle in addition to its velocity up. We additionally make adjustments  to working procedures[TR6] .


Providing excellent products and services is fantastic, but buyers must be aware that they are available. For our target market, we will not be the cheapest option. Our objective is to supply backpack that ranges from mid-range to high-end. By using our brand our costumers could make a statement as our brand promotes environment protection and it could b a advertisement in itself

Initiatives on the internet. Our website will bring in new customers to our store. To give discounts and incentives, we will form partnerships with local companies that serve our target demographic. We would regularly arrange promotional activities are held. Regular events, such as demos and other activities, such as website descriptions, print advertisements, and web-based advertising campaigns[TR7] .


In the terms of business sustainability means running a business without negatively impacting the environment or society at all. Our business of manufacturing backpacks has near to zero negative impacts on business as we use recyclable & natural materials like jute and rubber. Forestcraft would help the society by creating more job opportunities in both urban and tribal areas as Forestcraft’s raw material would be derived from forests and the labor force is used to produce the goods. Our business is using the resources from the environment and taking care of it in terms of using environment-friendly products in manufacturing process. We will also plan to participate in some social programs while keeping in mind about the financial state of the business or as per our income. We will help the society in solving different issues regarding environment. We will make proper waste disposal systems to prevent any spread of bacteria and virus which can cause harmful diseases. We will focus on optimizing the supply chain to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Our company will be mostly operating renewable energy sources to power facilities. Our business will focus on both earning profit and serving the best to the society like we will offer good quality products to our customers which will improve demand for our products and improve the brand image which is beneficial for the company[TR8] .


Forestcraft’s main goal is to promote environment friendly materials which made our slogan “Forestcraft is from the nature, by the nature and for the nature”. [TR9] Our brand would bring lots of enthusiasm in the youngsters as our backpacks would act as both fashion statement and a message. The high-tech features in the backpack takes out the boredom out as well makes it easier to deliver the message

from proffessor follwing concerns

I have some major concerns about the company/product profile.

1.      This is a manufacturing business.  Who are your customers?  I specifically asked the teams to create a business that sells to the final user, the consumer.  It is unclear who the customers are in this company profile.

2.     Why the backpack idea?  Why do you believe there is demand for this product?  There is no discussion about the market and its needs/wants/ preferences?

3.     How is this product unique?  Why would customers pay for this backpack?

Please discuss these questions with your team to clarify the business idea.  Otherwise, it will be extremely difficult to continue with the marketing plan.

[TR1]Indent the first line of each paragraph to show APA format.

[TR2] spelling error.

[TR3]Spacing error.

[TR4]Cap. Error.

[TR5] Just curious, why would you need a high-tech backpack to go camping? The two ideas seem contradictory. A lot of places where people camping/backpacking do not have access to technology. So would power backups and phone charges and digital technology be useful in this situation.

[TR6]Financial viability refers to your discussion about the fact that this business idea could actually generate a profit for the company. Convince me that the market is willing to pay for your backpacks.

[TR7] how can you include sales and marketing when it is still unclear about the company’s products and target market?

[TR8] this paragraph has some relevant ideas. However, you need to be very specific. For example, how do you intend to optimize supply chain to reduce greenhouse gas emission? Are you a manufacturer or are you just a retailer? Both of these types of businesses have different impacts on the environment.

[TR9] why is the mission statement included in their conclusion? This should have been discussed early in the company profile.

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