Human capability management Case Study Report

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The purpose of a Case Study Report is to describe a specific
human capability management situation and set up questions that elicit
interaction from fellow class members around that human capability management
situation. This “Case Study Report” that you are writing should particularly
describe any REAL business circumstances and frame the questions around growth
options and the human capability management opportunities that enhance or
constrain the conversation/decision making (Note: this is not a fabricated or made up scenario).
Each student must submit a case study write-up (3pages – not exceed 4 pages) reflecting on
your chosen human capability management situation. In this regard, the
following points should be considered:

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•Make sure there is enough history and circumstantial
information presented in the opening part of the case so that others are clear
on the context for the question.

•Describe the business, the people involved and/or your current
(or previous) role in it so that the class gets a quick feel for your

•Describe the current business and human capability management
situation: survive and thrive with capability, changing the perspective, the
new role of learning and development, the components of capability, the
performance consultancy process, the role of the manager, towards a performance
culture etc.

•Set up the tensions around your thinking and the human
capability management situation.

•Lead us to a thesis question or unresolved feeling/situation
that you or the business is currently wrestling with set up the factors that
are impacting you or around which you would like to have a discussion.


the case study is to describe a specific human capability
management situation like (sexual harassment , delayed work ,racism in work or
assault on colleague ,etc..)

the case study should describe a specific human capability
management situation not a general situation

this should be REAL situation not a fabricated or made up

The Case Study should be in Times New Roman 12 point font size
with double space free plagiarism

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