Humanistic and Behavioral Therapies

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The Humanistic perspective emphasizes a person’s self-concept. For Humanists, disorders develop when the person’s self-concept becomes negative. Rogers felt that psychodynamic therapy was too formal and very detached, and so espoused a more humanistic approach. He thought that the client should be more involved with his/her therapy or client-centered.

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The behaviorist perspective, on the other hand, believed that a person’s psychological problems were the result of learned behaviors. These therapists said that unhealthy learned behaviors can be unlearned. Naturally, these therapists employed classical and operant conditioning to help their client unlearn the unwanted behaviors.

In this lesson, you will demonstrate first as a humanistic therapist and then as a behavioral therapist how you conduct your therapy sessions

A. Imagine you are a Humanistic therapist who wants to encourage growth and self-discovery in your clients. In a visual explain how the aspects or techniques of your kind of therapy guide your clients to your desired results.

B. As a therapist you have learned that there is more than one road to take to achieve a goal. You have espoused a more eclectic approach. Now you have considered a more behavioral approach. In a format of your choosing explain the process of behavioral therapy. Then briefly explain the three versions of behavioral therapy.

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