I have all the information I just want someone to do ROIs over five years

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I will upload an example file for the five years under file name EXAMPLE

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As I said i just you to do the ROIs for five years for the information below

Realistic Return

50 hectares of land: 725,000

Quoted base rental rate:$10.20 acre/year

Estimated operating expenses:$3.00 acre/year

Total asking Leasing rate=$13.20 acre/year

Yearly rent=725,000 x$13.20

= 9,570,000

Projected Annual income: 9,570,000

Less: Administrative and Operating cost (Annualdepreciation, interest and taxes): (5,000,0000)

Net operating Profit=9,570,000- 5,000,000


Expected (Realistic) Annual return: projected net profit/total investment


Realistic return=18.28%


Optimistic Return

Increasing the annual leasing rate by $6.80 per acre/year having annual rent income of $14,500,000

Less expenses: (5,000,0000)

Optimistic return is 38%

Pessimistic Return

Decrease the lease rate by $3/acre per year

Annual rental income: 7,395,000

Less expenses:(5,000,0000)

Pessimistic returns: 9.58%



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