I need a 2 page paper on the case attached

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Read “Case 5.1 Help Wanted!” on pages 164-165 of your textbook.
For this assignment, answer the questions below; your assignment should be a minimum of two pages in length, and it
should be formatted according to APA guidelines. A title page and reference page should be included in addition to the two
pages of content.
In your response, make specific references to concepts you learned in Chapter 5 and other sources that support your
BBA 3221, Sales Management 2
analysis of the questions. Convince the reader that your response to the questions is correct. Using outside sources other
than the textbook is not required; however, they can be helpful in your responses.

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Explain the approaches that Fred used to locate prospective candidates for his sales rep position. How do you think that
Fred could improve his recruitment and selection process?
What legal and ethical considerations should Fred be aware of when recruiting individuals?
What tools should Fred use to select candidates with the right profile for the job he is hiring for?


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