I need some assistance with these assignment. apache and hadoop as a new type of database Thank you in advance for the help!

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I need some assistance with these assignment. apache and hadoop as a new type of database Thank you in advance for the help! Microsoft Access was hot software that allowed users to create entity relationship databases and manipulate information. However, a newer company known as Oracle changed the land scheme of things. Oracle allowed users to extract and manipulate queries. Companies such as Quest Technologies came with software such as Toad, that supplement Oracle 11G and made the whole process extremely seamless. However, a new type of database known as Apache and Hadoop have been developed to challenge these databases (“Business Intelligence-BI”).

Apache and Hadoop are open source software that has been prominent. `Databases are pivotal in many organizations because it allows respective stakeholders to view and analyze data. Before the advent of databases, information about customers and business were overwhelming. With databases, stakeholders can truly take this raw information and convert it into data that can assist them in making real-time decisions. The challenge in many organizations is the fact that the majority of decisions are made based on estimated guesses. One of the best elements of Databases is the fact that it reduces any ‘guesswork’. Moreover, it allows the organization to understand customer behavior in a much meaningful way. Another huge aspect of Databases is the collaboration aspect as it allows users to interact and use this data. Imagine an organization in which the marketing department requires key reports from the technology department. Clearly, the issue of latency can be a factor that can delay essential decision making (White 8).

One of the key facets of big data is that it has the functionality to convert terabytes of raw information into powerful data. For organizations, that means reduce cycle time and allows managers to effectively monitoring of business operations. Since organizations need to convey a large amount of information quickly, big data is the perfect channel that is compelling and intuitive for tracking analytical data.

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