I need some assistance with these assignment. are animals conscious Thank you in advance for the help!

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I need some assistance with these assignment. are animals conscious Thank you in advance for the help! This phenomenon is specifically very central to the comprehensive understanding of the psychological dynamics of animals. This has seen various researches conducted and articles documented in an attempt to explain the mystery surrounding animal consciousness.&nbsp. It is, indeed, reasonable to claim nonhuman animals are conscious.

Consciousness, in Psychology, is the mental status in which an organism is cognizant of the environment in which they are. A conscious individual or organism is that which can change in the environment and respond to the sensations after some cognitive processing. For example, one is conscious when they can respond to some instructions given verbally via a language they understand. Conscious humans would respond to (unless they deliberately choose not to) environmental triggers within their environments.

According to Stow, scientists have pointed out that there is an evolution in the area of neuroscience and it is necessary that the previously held positions be revised. The scientist agrees that the internal states of an animal can be quivered artificially to demonstrate the animals are indeed conscious. It is possible to associate a particular internal condition with environmental behavior both in humans and in animals experimentally. African gray parrots are believed to possess virtually dominant, high-level consciousness that resembles that of men. In order to prove this, scientists have discovered that a ‘treatment’ applied in the sub-cortical region of both humans and birds brings out the same behavioral outcome. an indication that nonhuman animals have some extent of consciousness. The emotional response of the two is similar when certain regions of the&nbsp.brain are influenced (Stow). The fact that animals have physiological parts in their bodies (as scientifically proved) that are specialized for regulating consciousness is evidence that indeed animals are conscious.

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