I need some assistance with these assignment. chronics of cyber crime complaint center in the united arab emirates Thank you in advance for the help!

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I need some assistance with these assignment. chronics of cyber crime complaint center in the united arab emirates Thank you in advance for the help! Usually, the large organizations become the victim of cyber-crime because either the hackers are more interested in the financial gain or they want to attain the prestige by getting access illegally to their secret data. Additionally, the countries where there is unemployment are also at more risk of cybercrime like in some of the countries where there are youngsters holding degrees but having no jobs gets annoyed and their mind starts moving towards the criminal activities. They are well qualified so can easily learn hacking and scamming and thus for the financial gain they get indulged in such crimes. According to the statistics from 2008 to 2009, it is found that financial fraud via cyber is doubled. As the cybercriminal activities have increased much so there is a need for the organizations to consider the internal skills and structure. If the structure is strong then the risks of attacks are also minimized because about 60% of the cybercriminal activities are being played from inside the organization. Due to this loophole majority of the organizations get failed to deal with the cybercrime as there is either an improper structure or lack of knowledge and expertise.

Since now there have lots of researches being carried out on the topic of cyber crimes. The research articles with the latest information are published in International Journal of Cyber Criminology. There are number of books by Wall, Jewkes, McQuade and Yar have been written on this topic. Still as this research topic is fresh so the depth study is required as mentioned in the recent work of Nhan and Bachmann (2010).

Cybercrime increases as the growth of internet connectivity increase in any area and as we know that the new technology is wholly dependent upon the internet so the growth of internet connectivity is rapidly increasing in every area of the world. Higgins, G. (2010) discussed the challenges and threats due to increasing cybercrime to the economy and the businesses. The best example of the rapid growth of internet connections in the United Arab Emirates where the broadband connection charges are very low therefore majority of people are making use of it and establishing online businesses.

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