I need some assistance with these assignment. digital divides are an inevitable feature of contemporary communication society Thank you in advance for the help!

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I need some assistance with these assignment. digital divides are an inevitable feature of contemporary communication society Thank you in advance for the help! Moreover, it can give a chance to many people of distant learning, receiving better services, and finding more appropriate jobs so to some extent the Internet is potentially possible to reduce poverty and lack of education. But as it often happens with complex phenomena there appeared many issues which were hard to predict earlier and people started asking questions. It is still unknown if the Internet will change the traditional form of democratic activism or it will just make the present gap between technologically adept and those having no “connection” to the world web bigger. What destiny is awaiting the countries that are still developing? Will they have chances to compete with technologically advanced states or slow the introduction of the Internet there will only contribute to a bigger gap? How the issue of information security can contribute to the creation of a surveillance society and what results in it will have for simple citizens? In this paper, I am going to regard those issues that arise along with the Internet spread and will examine if the digital divide is an inevitable feature of contemporary communication system.

In order to understand the problem, it is necessary to define the basic terms. According to Hargittai, the digital divide is the gap that appears between those who have the possibility and the capacity to use digital technologies in everyday life and those who do not have such opportunities (2003). The digital divide depends on the access to hardware: telephone, computers, and other gadgets that allow connecting to other users. First only the ability to conduct conversations over the telephone created a digital divide but later with the appearance of the Internet, access to the web became the main distinction between those who are included in the global process and those who are not. So the digital divide concerns primarily hardware and its availability (Noll et al., 2013). However, it is impossible to resolve the problem of the digital divide with hardware only because access to digital technologies and the possibility of their usage requires a certain level of education, curiosity, and literacy. According to Van Dijk, the very access to the Internet should be regarded in four important parameters.


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