I need some assistance with these assignment. finding a sexual identity and community by paula rust Thank you in advance for the help!

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I need some assistance with these assignment. finding a sexual identity and community by paula rust Thank you in advance for the help! As some of the literature indicates, even being within the community does not guarantee any greater understanding. Reading about issues such as the use of the term ‘queer’ or angry literature from the LGBT about how they hate straight people has a tendency to either make the eyes glaze over or the responsive anger heat up. However, there are times when a single article can provide the insight needed to more fully appreciate the ideas expressed in other areas. This is the case when reading through an article that takes a more sympathetic approach to these questions, keeping in mind both extremes of the discussion and with a goal of providing needed psychological support to the people most harmed by prevailing social ideas regarding a non-heterosexual lifestyle. The ideas presented by Paula Rust in her essay “Finding a Sexual Identity and Community” help to elucidate the issues discussed in an anonymous leaflet entitled “Queers Read This: I Hate Straights” and in Judith Butler’s essay “Critically Queer” in this way.

At the end of Rust’s article, she argues that much of the difficulties being faced by those who feel it necessary to ‘come out’ in some way are brought about because of the Euro-American tendency to place sexuality on a dichotomous scale. On this scale, heterosexuality is placed at one end and homosexuality is placed at the other with individuals expected to choose one or the other for all time. Making the process more difficult, all individuals are automatically placed on the heterosexual end regardless of their eventual associations, forcing them to completely re-identify themselves should they find themselves attracted to a same-gender individual. “For many people, coming out is a lifelong process of recurrent self-creation and self-discovery, not a singular goal-oriented process of self-classification” (262). In addition, for many people, the question of attraction is much more complicated than simply determining who they are attracted to with factors such as emotional connection, social preference, sexual desire, and sensuality weighing into various degrees depending on the individual.


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