I need some assistance with these assignment. love, indifference and alienation Thank you in advance for the help!

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I need some assistance with these assignment. love, indifference and alienation Thank you in advance for the help! Like Harry, I also feel indifferent from time to time. Most people do when they need to. If I think that something will not do me any good, I usually avoid such situation. There are times when I have to decide whether to go with my friends or stay at home, doing nothing. Surprisingly, I would choose to stay home not because I am busy but because I do not feel like I am about to lose anything if I do not go. I seem indifferent to my friends and sometimes even my family by not caring if they have fun or not. I just feel like it is none of my business to care about them all the time.

In contrast, Harry has serious reasons to feel indifferent. His indifference is understandable although it was not directly stated in the story. Millet simply implies that all of Harry’s experiences could have led him to be indifferent. Harry indulges too much on work and avoids affection because if he allows emotions to occupy him, he will be preoccupied with it and will not function the way he should.

Mainly, Harry is led to indifference by his profession. He experiments with animals. monkeys are mostly his subject. He kills, isolates, deceives but most of all, teaches them to be indifferent and emotionally strong. He efficiently discovers everything about monkeys’ behavior because he has learned to distance himself from them. If he submits to affection and pity, he will not be able to pursue his experiments. In his work, Harry confronts the need for an affection of the monkeys with a stiff heart. He separates a newborn from its mother, taking them laterally away from the mother’s arms.

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