I want a MLA formatted essay that conforms to the specific requirements listed below and my topic is ” Air Pollution”

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a)The essay smartly uses the three appeals (ethos, pathos, logos).

b)An explicit thesis statement is present in the introduction.

c)In-text citations are used effectively for direct quotes and paraphrases.

d)The essay’s target audience is clear based on your position on the topic.

e)Appropriate strategies for argumentation are reflected in your outline.

Technical Details:

a)The paper must be six pages in length, comprised of multiple paragraphs, including an introduction and conclusion.

b)Use 12-point font, Times New Roman, double-spaced.

c)MLA format the paper with at least six meaningful, college level sources thoroughly integrated into your explanation of the problem and proposal for solutions.

Sources must be included in each section of the outline showing where you found the information you will be using.

Introduction (½-1 page)

  1. Attention Getter (write this out) – could be a startling statistic/fact, an anecdote, quote, rhetorical question
  2. Transition to thesis which explains connection between grabber and main ideas
  3. Thesis statement (write this out)

Section 1 – Problem (1-2 pages)

  1. Topic Sentence – Define problem (write out)
    1. Describe
    2. Examples
    3. Who affected
  2. Topic Sentence – Causes/history of the problem (write out)
    1. Where/how it originated
    2. Causes
  3. Topic Sentence – Seriousness/Consequences (write out)
    1. Negative effects
    2. How serious
    3. Consequences

Transition sentence to lead into the solution.

Section 2 – Solution (2-3 pages)

  1. Topic Sentence – Solution
    1. Overview of solution
    2. Research to support
  2. Topic Sentence – Implementation
    1. Process of implementation
    2. Possible problems-opposition
    3. Drawbacks
  3. Topic Sentence – Outcomes
    1. Benefits
    2. Compare to other solutions
    3. Explicitly explore how it solves the problem

Conclusion (1/2-1 page)

  1. Summary statement (write out)
  2. Relate to the world today or future (write out)
  3. Call to action/final thought (write out)

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