​I want you to write about Harris Teeter​ and H Mart write in your own word

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Common Assignment [Demographic Context] step #2

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I want you to write about Harris Teeter and H Mart

The purpose of this assignment is to put the communities associated

with the grocery stores you will be observing into context. You can use

what you write here for your final project.

You will be observing both a larger mainstream grocery store chain (Giant, Harris Teeter, Safeway, Shopper’s Food Warehouse, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, Walmart, Target) and an international food market listed on our Google Map (Super A Market, Food Star Market, Bestway Supermercado, H Mart, Grand Mart, Good Fortune).

Outline for assignment write in your own word
The assignment will include the following:

Demographic context
A table or chart visualizing the data
Using the data from the table, write a brief (100+ word) description of the area around each grocery store.

Grocery store reviews
A brief (150+ word) written discussion of how online reviewers talk about each store.
Additional information on each section:

Demographic context
neighborhood demographics do not necessarily reflect who shops at these
stores, such information can be a helpful in understanding the context
of the store.

For each store, look up demographic data that helps
us understand the neighborhood where each store is located. You will
produce a table similar to the one attached here (Sample.pdfPreview the document in a new window), making sure to fill in the parts that are in GOLD lettering.

To find this information, you will use the Census fact finder (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. Plug in the zip codes for each grocery store, one at a time. Instructions for looking up the information needed:

  • To get Race/Ethnicity data, use the Race/Hispanic Tab on the left hand side and click on 2013 American Community service.
  • To get Median Household Income and Poverty data, click on the Income Tab on the left hand side and click on ‘Selected Economic Characteristics’ under 2013 American Community survey.
  • To get data on Foreign born populations and their regional origins, click on the Origins and Language Tab on the left hand side and click on ‘Selected Social Characteristics’ under 2013 American Community survey.

online review sites (either through Google, Yelp, or any other site you
may be familiar with), research how people may view these stores.
Google reviews show up whenever you use Google to search for a business
(just make sure to include the location). If you use Yelp, you simply
need to include the name and location of the grocery store you are

For each store, look over the reviews and try to answer the following questions in your write-up:

How do people generally describe the store, services, products, employees, etc?

What patterns do you notice?

any of the comments suggest bias/prejudice on the part of the reviewer?
Is there any evidence of ethnocentrism or cultural relativism?

Submit your table, your description of the demographic context, and your summary of online reviews o


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